Crying and self pity!

I have called my blog ‘expression’. Human beings are strange. They have some very unique ways of expression. ‘Crying’ is one form of expression which I would like to believe everyone has experienced multiple number of times besides the time of birth. Laughing and crying though superficially connected to happiness and sorrow, when you laugh or cry from the bottom of your heart you divulge much more and express complex emotions. I am intrigued by ‘crying’ in a very subjective way.

Crying can be a reaction to instances as simple as falling down and hurting yourself, to a very inscrutable situation where you just break into crying, due to extreme happiness or sorrow. I wanted to comment on the topic to make sure I don’t border into self pity while crying because of sorrow. Things go wrong and sometimes they really do. We have moments of ‘why me?’. Life seems too unfair to fathom. A lot of times this can lead to self pity. I don’t bother about some moments of self pity. It will only take a rock for that to not happen. But extended periods seem dangerous. While crying is a primal instinct on experiencing something bad, reliving it for an extremely long period of time can lead to self pity. That cumulative effect of combining everything that is wrong and reliving the whole thing is a sure key to self pity and probably further to depression.

Well, the best way and in my opinion the only way to deal with a hopeless situation, is to know that there are people in worse situations than yours. Its probably difficult to be thankful for what you have at that time but at least it can be the first step to balance yourself in the tough circumstance.

Though crying is very good for your health as it takes away all the bottled emotions, it can be detrimental if it borders on self pity. So laugh off your cry!


2 thoughts on “Crying and self pity!

  1. hi abhi
    great writings…thank god for giving me such a daughter whos so good at everything.i loved the blogs especially the ones on judgemental and beauty…….

    lots of love

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