My most treasured possession from my ‘lessons from the outside world’, is ‘not being judgmental’. No community has been spared from this virus, but I believe, the more open-minded you are the less judgmental you are too.

Recently, I have seen more and more people concluding things about others way too fast. Small actions are tagged and put in some weird mind equations to come up with someone elses’ whole personality description. It’s so unfair to the individual. I wonder why this happens. Everyone goes through their share of tough situations and knows very well that apparent behavior and action can have such deep-rooted meaning. In spite of that, instead of being compassionate, people prefer to throw judgment on their face and walk away. So are we becoming more and more judgmental and less compassionate? I would fear such a world. A world where people are superficially judging your actions and labeling you for that. Especially, if they are people who matter to you, your friends who have refused to open themselves up and explore and evolve, and blame you for being non-conformist or different. Even worse, how can we live in the world where we judge people instantly on the basis of the their looks, colour, their origin. Knowing the history of different parts of the world, understanding the huge disparities in people in any community, and the existence of the ready information on media like internet,  there is no excuse to judge individuals on fixed ideologies. Hope the media revolution liberates our minds to listen, experience and then rationally judge, instead of making snap judgements.


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