Romance personified…Porto!!

The cobblestone streets..alleyways studded with peculiar shops…the ancient buildings which still sing the song of the past glory….romantic walks along the beautiful beach….the chuckles with friends shared over hundreds of dinners…those are my amazing memories of Porto. It was a short 6 month haul in the country but those were undoubtedly the most unblemished, fantastic, pure fun days I have ever experienced. I am not sure what impressed me the most, the vivaciuos people, the amazing nature or the romantic architecture.

It’s obvious that the community is influenced by the weather of that region. And Porto surely exhibits as many hues of people as there are in the most stunning sunsets it witnesses every day.

Taking a walk along Ribeira, views of Porto from Cais de Gaia, local wine and cheese tasting at Palacio de Cristal, the most stunning biking experiences to Miramar along the coast on foggy mornings, the numerous fun painting strokes with artist Teresa, few but fun piano duets with Susana, the amazing conversations with clearly a group of geeks (I exclude myself from that category) from black holes to ‘farturas’ and the inspiring time I spend, absorbing the culture and rich history of Portugal and eventually the rest of breathtaking Europe all made it a stay to remember.


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