Heaven and hell story from my childhood

I think I was 4-5 years old. Yes, I still remember this silent skit, I saw. No dialogues, no fancy clothes, no huge backdrops, neither fancy setups. But it stuck to my mind..

This skit was about heaven and hell. As opposed to the words we so frivolously use now, the performers had put up just a one minute representation on the two entities we term ‘heaven’ and ‘hell’. I haven’t come across a better definition of it ever since.

Well, do heaven and hell really exist, that is not the point here. The point is, if they do, how would they be.

The setup goes like this.

There are 10 people and a bench to seat them 5 on each side, both in heaven and hell. There is a plate of food, good food, both in heaven and hell. Here is the catch…each of their hands are tied with wooden logs that prevent them to bend it. So where is the difference. There is none. If God does exist, its non-intuitive that he will differentiate between his creations. The difference lies in the approach of these two sets of people. The people in hell, try to eat from the plate in front of them and feel hopeless not being able to do so. On the other hand, the people in heaven, feed the person in front of them and get fed by him.

This is the situation in today’s life as well. If we start seeing these extreme expressions of good and bad, we will realize that bad exists only till we find a way to make it good. The day, people in hell realize that they need to share, care and learn, it will convert it into heaven. I am sure thousands of hells have been converted into heavens like this, both among the living and the dead, again if they exist!


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