A special moment…

I was on my way back from the Portuguese class. I reached my apartment building and started walking up the stairs. As soon as I got to the floor, I saw a little chubby kid in front of my apartment. He was standing there, alone. He had the angelic smile on his face which just stunned me. He was smiling and just saying ‘mamma’. I couldn’t fathom anything at that moment. First I thought it was some neighbours’ child roaming around. But then, I saw all the doors were closed. Then I thought, maybe children were playing hide and seek. But he seemed too little for that.

Before I thought any further, I heard a loud scream from below, a screeching sound almost, calling  ‘Maa–nu–el’. The child still had an effervescent smile and saying ‘mamma’, as if he was waiting for his mom and not looking for her. I was confused and still did not fathom what was going on, until I saw a lady running at her gut speed rushing in the lobby. And as soon as she saw the little angel, she broke into tears and held him close to her heart. At this moment everything fell into place. Four other people followed her but all we could do is to just look at the mother relieved of her biggest fear of losing her child. I could not control tears in my eyes, when she caressed this little child and took him down the stairs. All I could see is this little angel, who was still smiling, not realizing what had just happened and was just happy to be in his mom’s arms, playing.

It’s amazing how an incident which lasted not more than two minutes can leave such a great impact on you.


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