What defines our lives?

In this modern world where things are moving at breakneck speed, competition is cut throat, what really defines us and our lives? People have started defining the worth of a person by the success they achieve in there field and also sometimes defining it on the earnings. Superficially, defining worth by success seems ok considering most successful people have to put in a lot of hard work and thus are worthy of respect.

But what happens to those who work hard and are not successful in the worldly terms, what about the people who don’t even have a chance to make anything out of their lives due to their circumstances and what about the people who have been and are being pressurized so much to perform that in that stress their best never comes out.

Should the society be so cruel as to not see the worth in those people. Shouldn’t people be defined by their character and not by their achievements in life?

Achievements, of course, should be acknowledged but it cannot define people.

Everyone goes through highs and lows. As far as the human spirit in the person is noble and they are trying to lead a life as best as they could, they are worthy of as much respect as any other person.


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