Helping through art

What is art? I think it is an expression.

Expression of the real and the dreams. Expression of what is and what should be. Expression of the imaginable and the unimaginable. Art is an individual’s expression, an interpretation.

Reflecting on different art forms, it made me think about what is common in all of them. For eg. Painting, music, dance, writing, sculpting. First conclusion for most would be creativity. But I think it is much more than that. I think what is common in all of them is the power to heal. A power to make both the owner and the one who experiences it, happy. In the world of reckless speed, it is an ethereal pleasure.

I feel all the people who have acumen in art also have an additional power to help and heal. We don’t need to be an expert. Just a colourful room painted for a cancer patient, a collection of paintings from little students for their old retiring teacher or just a four line poem for someone you love might be enough. It doesn’t take a lot of time. Even minutes are enough to change someone’s life and I think all of us should take a shot at it. ☺


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