A new beginning..

What do you expect God to do when you ask him for more courage? Do you expect him to just give you courage or to put you in situations that will make you more courageous?  When you ask for patience you expect him to give patience or put you in situations that give you patience?

Well, I asked God for exposure to the world, when I stepped out of India. And every step of the way, he has put me in situations where I have known the world in a better way.

My sensitivities have increased, my perspective has expanded, my dreamy self is still there but the dreams are more beautiful because they have a realistic outlook associated with it. I am excited to explore the world and grab knowledge from it every step of the way.

In these times when God was giving me taste of the world and sometimes it felt harsh, he sent me an angel as well. A wise angel, who knew it all, whose perspective of life was complementary to mine, very practical and organized. He helped me see life through and pick up the best of both worlds and create a new me. I welcome this evolution with open arms.
And this angel is a part of my life now. Together we are on a jounrey…a jounrey through eternity!


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